About Me
Name: Courtney
Nickname: Layne
Age: 18
Birthday: 8.6.1991
Location: Indiana
Loves: Christopher.<3
Hates: Not having enough money.

i'm in gryffindor!

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I'm Currently..
As of: May 11, 2010
4:29pm EST
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Wearing: Jeans, dark blue tank top, hoodie
Feeling: Sexyy :D
Thinking: I don't wanna go pick up Chris ><
Wanting: To make lots of money this week
Needing: A bit of sleep
Reading: Percy Jackson & The Olympians - Book III
Watching: My computer screen.
Loving: Christopher.<3
Obsessing: Over money.
Talking To: No one
Listening To: Janet Jackson - Son of a Gun
Surfing: bang-bang :D.
Working On: Making lots of money.

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Currently: online
Hi :)

The Basics

Name: Courtney Layne
Nicknames: Layne, Laynie Babie, Court Court, Courtney Conspiracy, etc.
Age: 18
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red and black.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 236 lbs.
Birthday: August 6, 1991
Birth Stone: Peridot
Zodiac: Leo *rawr*
Nationality: American
Location: Indiana
Status: Taken<3 Christopher Andrew Nagy
Occupation: Student, Manager for Pre Paid Legal [need a job??]
Grade: 12th
Worth: $2,454,162
Loves: Christopher.
Hates: Too much.
Likes: Christopher, taking pictures, playing video games [xBox360], singing, reading all kinds of books, getting dressed up and cute, working, helping other people excel, working on my website.
Dis-Likes: Posers, cheaters. liars, fake people, people who judge you by your age, people who think they know it all, people who think they're hot shit [I'll cool ya ass down], people who hate me, mushrooms and onions, bright lights, when people betray my trust, running out of make-up, asthma.
Visible Scars: two on my chest from cancer, one on my left hand.
Random Fact: I had Leukemia at the age of 3, until I was 5.
Favorite Quote: What you adored looked beautiful to you .. It was even brighter because you couldn't reach it .. ~ Ayumi Hamasaki - Moments

Family & Friends
Mom: Yes, Tania.
Dad: Yes, Kevin.
Siblings: Just step-siblings, Haley and RJ.
Friends: A lot.
Best Friends: Christopher, Haley, Leo

Food: Chinese food, Chicken and Broccoli.
Color: Purple :D
Candy: Pocky
Animal: Stuffed animals :)
Ice Cream: Blue Moon
Drink: Arnold Palmer
Alcohalic Drinks: Jagger, Hypnotic, mixed drinks.
Book: Anything by Tamora Pierce, Harry Potter series, anthing non-fiction.
Songs: Too many.
Movies: RENT [2005 Movie], National Treasure, You Got Served, Honey, White Noise, Chicago, Dodgeball, A League of Their Own, Princess Diaries 1 and 2.
Exercise: Elliptical
Sports: Soccer and Football
Anime/Manga Ah! Megami Sama :D
Bands/Singers: Oh, so many.
Video Game: Oblivion: The Quest For The Elder Scrolls IV

What I Have...
Pets: A bird named Pearly [RIP 1999-2009], and a cat named Sweet Kitty :)
Video Game Consoles: xBox 360, Playstation 1, (2) Playstation 2, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced SP, Atari
Covers On My Bed: one
Pillows On My Bed: like four
Chat Programs: two
Pairs Of Shoes: Around ten
Cell Phones: I only use one, but I have about six